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For a dog, if you can walk your dog on a leash it will make finding a fresh
sample easier.  If you must let your dog out in a fenced yard, make sure to
watch from the window to see where he goes so you can retrieve the sample

(We cannot process a frozen sample, and the longer it sits on the ground, the
more likely it will become contaminated).

You only need a sample the size of a quarter, so don’t stress if he or she
doesn’t leave you very much.  Pick up the sample with a plastic disposable
spoon, through a clean plastic bag, or while wearing a disposable glove.  Drop
the sample into a clean plastic baggie and bring it in to us within 24 hours.  
You may need to refrigerate the sample if it is warm outside and you can’t
bring it in right way.  

For a cat, you only need a sample the size of a quarter.  You will need to sift
through the litter box to find a specimen.  Please make sure the sample is
stool, and not a urine clump.  If you prefer, you can pick up a piece of the stool
using a disposable plastic spoon or use a disposable glove.  Drop the stool
sample into a plastic baggie to transport to us for examination within 24
hours.  It is okay if the stool has litter on it.

REMEMBER:  We will be looking for parasite EGGS under
the microscope.  Your pet can still have worms, even
when you can’t see them with the naked eye!
How to get a stool sample
from your pet