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Microchips are a wonderful means to find your pet when he is
lost or stolen.  Things happen—there could be a fire or a break-
in where your pets escape from
your house and your pet gets
relatives in your home that don’t realize they’ve accidentally let
your pet outside (or think your pet is allowed outside
unattended); or you could be traveling in your car with your pet
and he or she could escape when you are at a rest stop and you
could be frantically trying to locate your pet while in a city you
are not familiar with.  A microchip can give you piece of mind
A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and is injected under
the skin between the shoulder blades with a syringe.  It takes a
couple of seconds to place, but lasts a lifetime.  Your pet does
not feel the microchip once implanted.  Anyone with a scanner,
such as a veterinarian, a rescue group or shelter, can run the
scanner over your pet, and if your pet has a microchip, a
number appears on the screen.  This number is unique to your
pet.  The person scanning your pet can then call the microchip
company with the number on the microchip and they will be
given information so they can contact you directly so you can
come and get your pet quickly.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for a lifetime
license if your pet is microchipped.  We will scan your pet to
verify the microchip number so we can complete our section
on your required forms, and then you send in the forms with
your one-time fee. This license is good for the life of your dog,
eliminating the need to send in a license fee each year.  Often
this can mean savings for you (and much less hassle)