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Internal Medicine and Hospitalization
We hope that your pet never has a health problem, but if your
pet isn’t feeling well, we’re here to help.  Your pet should be
seen if he is coughing or sneezing, scratching or shaking his
ears, digging and biting at his skin, vomiting, has diarrhea,
stops eating or exhibits any other change that might not be
so easy to pinpoint.  

(Anytime you aren’t sure
whether your pet is
showing signs of illness,
feel free to call us and ask.
It’s never wrong to have
the doctor take a look—no
one will tell you your
concern for your pet is
We have many diagnostic
(see our diagnostics link)
within reach to help diagnose
the problem with pharmacy to
provide your pet with medicine
to hasten the healing process,
and if necessary, we can
hospitalize your pet so that we
can administer IV fluids,
injectable medications and
provide attentive monitoring of
your pet in his recovery.