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We have the capability to run numerous
diagnostic tests within our own hospital,
minimizing travel for you and your pet.  
We have blood machines in our
blood cell counts (CBC), blood chemistries
and electrolytes, and T4.  These help us to
evaluate your pet for infection, anemia,
kidney disease, liver disease, electrolyte
imbalances from fluid loss and some
disease processes, and thyroid diseases.
We can also run in-house blood tests for pancreatitis, Feline leukemia virus
(FeLV) and Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), Heartworm antigen testing;
and Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anasplamosis antigens.  We do most of our intestinal
parasite checks in our own laboratory, and we can also run an in-house test on
feces for parvovirus.
A basic urinalysis on your pet’s urine can
be run here in our lab and can give us
more information on whether there are
signs of infection, blood, crystals, and
glucose in the urine, and if your pet’s
kidneys are properly concentrating the
Our in-house x-ray machine allows us to
look for abnormalities in your pet’s chest
and abdomen, including pneumonia, an
abnormal heart size, irregularities in
your pet’s intestines, bladder and kidney
stones, and prostate and uterine issues
like pyometra.  Radiographs (x-rays) can
also be utilized when we are suspicious
of a fracture or diagnosing arthritis.  We
can also perform OFA evaluations of
your dog’s hips.
When we need more information, and your pet requires testing that we cannot
and fecal samples to several of our trusted laboratories for evaluation.  We can
send our x-rays to radiology specialists to provide us with a second opinion
when needed, and sometimes, if speciality imaging is required, we can refer
you to nearby referral hospitals for ultrasound imaging, MRIs and CT scans.