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During your pet’s annual examination, the doctor may recommend a dental
procedure.  This usually does not involve an over-night stay, but your pet will
examination to evaluate the teeth for fractures, caries or cavities, gum
disease and gum recession.  When the doctor finds teeth that are either a
problem now or are soon to be a problem, he may elect to extract the teeth.  
procedures to avoid prolonged anesthetic time for your pet.  The doctor and
below the gum line, where food, bacteria and tartar tend to build up.  Then the
teeth are polished to help smooth the surface of the teeth to help slow the
adhesion of future plaque build-up on your pet’s teeth.
Because your pet will be under anesthesia for the procedure, it is strongly
recommended that you allow us to do blood work prior to the anesthetic
induction to evaluate your pet for anemia, chronic infection, kidney, liver, and
blood glucose abnormalities to help us keep your pet as safe as possible.

Are you wondering what you can do to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up
on your pet’s teeth?  If your pet will allow it, brushing your pet’s teeth daily with
a soft tooth brush (or finger brush) and a dog/cat toothpaste is the best care
you can give your pet’s teeth.  You may need to start with your finger-tip to
begin with, and once your pet gets used to this you can work your way up to
the brush.  Please do not get bit!
If your pet will not tolerate brushing, the next best option is to offer dental
treats.  There are many to choose from, but the best ones have a
“VOHC approval” seal on the packaging.  The VOHC seal of approval means
the treats have been evaluated and have met the standards by veterinary
dentists to help reduce plaque and tartar build up.  Feel free to visit their
website for a list of quality treats to shop for, or ask us for a copy on paper
(we can also e-mail it to you on request)!