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Christi Halliday
Christi is originally from central Ohio.  She is the proud
mother of one daughter, Cora.  Christi has a four-year degree
in Sports Medicine.  She has been a dog breeder and trainer
for 34 years, and she became a professional dog trainer and
handler in 2002.  She has been working off and on at
Waynesburg Animal Hospital since 1997.  When she is not
busy working, traveling to dog shows, or working with her
dogs, she enjoys going to the movies and spending time with
Christi has several German Shepherd Dogs, including Zane
and Zelda (Zane’s daughter), both retired Best in Show
winning German Shepherd Dogs; both of which held rankings
in the top ten in their careers, and both of which campaigned
at the Westminster Dog Show.  Zelda is a fourth generation
Best in Show winner.  
Christi also has three long-coat Chihuahuas: J.J., Edward, and
Marcus.  She also loves her hamsters.  At any given time she
may have anywhere between six and ten hamsters!
Christi loves working at Waynesburg Animal Hospital because
she genuinely enjoys meeting new people on a daily basis,
and she enjoys working with all of her co-workers.