2642 Mt. Morris Rd.
Waynesburg, PA 15370
PH: (724) 627-5550
FAX: (724) 627-0660
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Hospital Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Wed  7:30am-7pm,
Sat 8am-12pm
At Waynesburg Animal Hospital we also have the capability to board your pet
while you are away.  We have a number of both large and medium kennels
available to accommodate your pet, and when the weather is nice, we often
move our canine friends to the outside runs for extra stretching room and
fresh air during the day.  Our runs are protected under a shelter and equipped
with ceiling fans for their comfort.  All of the members of our kennel staff are
kind, compassionate, and observant—they make sure that any change in your
pet’s behavior is made known to a doctor immediately, so if your pet isn’t
feeling well, they get the help they need right way.  Upon request, we can also
give your pet a bath in our accommodating bathtub and trim your pet’s nails
for you.

Do you have a matted cat that won’t let you comb him out because it
too much?
 We can often help with that.  We can put your cat under isoflurane
anesthesia so that he will sleep through a clip down, and no one has to get
hurt.  (We are not groomers—we cannot guarantee a beautiful haircut you
would expect from your groomer, but we do have the ability to anesthetize
your cat when the stress of getting his mats clipped awake is too much for
your cat).

Quite often we can schedule pedicures as technician appointments for you
convenience.  If your pet is up to date on vaccines, but
you need help
trimming his toenails,
we can help you with that.
Boarding, Bathing, and Pedicures