2642 Mt. Morris Rd.
Waynesburg, PA 15370
PH: (724) 627-5550
FAX: (724) 627-0660
Hospital Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Wed  7:30am-7pm,
Sat 8am-12pm
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Nestled on a hillside two miles south of Waynesburg, PA
on Rte 19,
Waynesburg Animal Hospital is truly an
exceptional veterinary hospital where animals receive
superior treatment when they are sick or injured, and
receive a gentle touch when they need routine
preventive care.  

Originally built by Dr. Elmer Marx in 1954, Waynesburg
Animal Hospital was known for its 24 hour, 7 days a week,
veterinary care. Such dedicated service was provided by  
Dr. Marx, his wife Brenda and his 12 children. His unique
style, sharp acumen, and dry sense of humor made him a
legend in the veterinary profession, not just in Greene
County, but state-wide!  Waynesburg Animal Hospital was
not only a hospital where people brought their pets when
they needed experienced care, it was a gathering place for friends,
neighbors, and country folks from miles around. These clients came for help,
to help, and to learn! They would lend a hand to the busy vet while they shared
stories about the diverse animals who touched their lives - from house pets
to farm animals, from draft horses to race horses!

In July of 1989, Dr. Jennifer Behm took over the reins of the well-
known Waynesburg Animal Hospital. For over 20 years, practicing veterinary
medicine hasn’t been a job for Dr. Behm, it has been a passion and a lifestyle.  
To preserve Doc’s legacy of hard work and dedication to the veterinary
profession, Dr. Behm transitioned Waynesburg Animal Hospital to the
modernized, full service, small animal veterinary hospital that it is today. The
WAH team includes 4 veterinarians and 16 professional staff members who
provide top-notch veterinary medical and surgical care.  What
hasn’t changed at WAH is the unpretentious, genuine manner in which the
compassionate veterinarians and staff serve their clients and pets, their
veterinary expertise, and their intense desire to heal animals in need.

We invite you and your beloved animal companions to come and experience
the special place that Waynesburg Animal Hospital has remained AND has
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